did someone say lemming?

So I got this quiz from L, and I'm of course going to fill it out because that's exactly what I live for -- wasting time until I can find something else to do. And Christen is watching a terrible movie called Core so there's really nothing else to do. Onwards!

Name three things you are wearing right now:
1. USF sweatshirt (College of Education, even though I was only in it for 1 semester)
2. tan capri pants
3. froggie socks with froggie heads on the back

Name 3 of your favorite bands/artists:
1. They Might Be Giants
2. James Taylor
3. Tom Lehrer

Name 3 of your favorite songs:
1. Walking Man (James Taylor)
2. '39 (Queen)
3. Birdhouse in Your Soul (TMBG)

Name 3 things you want to do in the next 12 months:
1. edit for someone for money.
2. find an engagement ring under my pillow.
3. cure my writer's block/have my own room for writing.

Name 3 things you want in a relationship:
1. Comic Relief
2. Intellectual Stimulation
3. "Other" Stimulation

Name two truths and one lie:
1. I love my Natty light. *ahem* *cough*
2. I love cheese.
3. I'm lactose intolerant.

Name 3 physical things in a love interest that appeal to you:
1. an opinion.
2. a penetrating look (if possible that look should include glasses).
3. humor

Name 3 things you just can't do:
1. whistle.
2. dance in front of people.
3. be seen in a bathing suit.

Name 3 of your favorite hobbies:
1. buying good books in musty old shops.
2. losing myself in said good books from musty old shops.
3. finding errors in published materials.

Name 3 things you want to do right now:
1. quit my job.
2. make cookies.
3. sleep.

Name 3 careers you are considering:
1. editor.
2. writer.
3. student.

Name 3 places you want to go on vacation:
1. Ireland
2. anywhere I can comfortably sleep in a tent
3. Charleston (that's where I always go on vacation)

Name 3 kids names:
1. Etta Abigail
2. Benjamen Jacob
3. Isabelle Anne

Name 3 things you want to do before you die:
1. write a book.
2. have a family.
3. read all the books in my library.

Name 3 other people who have to take this quiz right now:
1. MooCow because he may get bored enough to do stupid things like this.
2. Ivan because he just will.
3. Jordan because he just won't.


MooCow said...

Heh. Yeah I am that bored. Or at least I will be at work tomorrow...

Please tell me Christen didn't sit through all of the Core. I had the misfortune of seeing that in the theater (on the plus side, it was one of those cheap theaters, so I was only out $2) but what a crappy crappy movie.

the frog princess said...

unfortunately, we did. well, he watched and i dozed on the couch. it was terrible, but at least we didn't pay for it (god, i love hbo).

L said...

You are the only other person I know who wears frog socks. I also own some cute monkey socks with monkey heads in the back... I'm rather fashion-forward.

They Might Be Giants are AWESOME! Yeah!

I'm also with you on the guys in glasses thing...

tried commenting yesterday, but it barfed for some reason...