a new post in a new template

so i tried a new template today, but the problem is that it's not written for blogger so i had to take the template and fiddle with it for the last two hours so that it was readable. not so easy for those such as me who don't know much html and have to teach it to ourselves on the fly. i still have two problems.

1.) the comments on yesterday's post "more of the same" won't show up and therefore i can't access the comments page of that post, and

2.)also in the comments (but the other posts with comments, such as in "i swear i'm not a whiny bitch") the comments show up but there's no space between the separate comments so it ends up just a block and is very difficult to read. if anyone has suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it.

we had a lovely day today, despite my waking up in a terrible mood. i picked fights all morning and burst into tears at the credit union. after that, though, i was much better and we did a good deal of shopping. i found my mecca of shoe stores: dsw. shea tells me about this place all the time and i hadn't had a chance (or much need) to stop in, but woohoo! i went today and bought 4 pairs of shoes that would cost me more than $300 dollars but i spent about $100. also bought: garden state, 84, charing cross road by helen something or other, take the cannoli by sarah vowell, and stranger than fiction by chuck palahniuk. good stuff. it was a great day, and i got to follow it up with dinner at mimi's so i could have a wonderful broccoli and cheddar quiche. mm, mmm, good.

the change to the title of this blog is because i keep feeling like i can't find a name that illustrates me. book lust is the name of a book i came across at b&n today, and i think it fits. so book lust i shall be.

i have nothing more, being that i spent so much time on the template today. i can't think anymore. off to read. yay!


the frog princess said...

does the comment thingie on this post work? voila, i think it does! yay!

the frog princess said...

second problem: i add breaks between paragraphs so it's not such a block but they don't come up on the page. why is this, and how do i fix it?

MooCow said...

Good question - I glanced briefly at the page source but I hate dealing with CSSs so I got bored. When in doubt just try sticking in a few more <p> tags.

Anyway, really like the new look. Nice!

Sharon said...

I LOVE this new template! It looks fantastic. I looked at one that was similar to my site, but couldn't make it work; so you are way more talented than me.

This is one of the most attractive sites I've ever seen. Wow! As always, am impressed.

L said...

I definitely prefer the new template -- nice! I, of course, am WAY too lazy to muck about with mine anymore.

glomgold said...

It's a nice template. Though I liked the background photo of the other one this one is definitely a bit easier on the eyes. Maybe I just need to eat more carrots.