happy new year!

well, it may be a new year but it's the same old life.
and my butt hurts cuz i have diarrhea. hmm.
for new year's we did the same thing we always do for new year's: dinner and a movie. woohoo! anyhow, it was dinner at logan's and saw the aviator which was unnecessarily long, but pretty good. i didn't agree with the last scene from a consistancy/editing standpoint, but christen tried to make the argument for the reasons why it was done that way. arg. i usually have a problem with something, especially when the director's style is such that i think they sacrifice truth for personal style. anywho, the rest of the movie is fine, so i can get over it.
i think there are finally people moving in upstairs. today's a fine day to do it. i hope they don't knock the pictures off my wall like the cleaning ladies and the carpet people and other random people did.
anywho, i have nothing else. happy new year.


VegasGustan said...

Well, now I know not to eat at Logan's. Thanks! Happy New Year to you and don't take any anti-diarrhea stuff...it can only hurt your body. My doctor told me that after I took some once and got an infection. Wow, this has been a gross post and a gross comment. Fun Stuff! Makes me feel like typing, um, green apple splatters!

the frog princess said...

anyhow, i don't really have diarrhea, so it's not as gross as it may seem. i think it was the only thing that popped into my head (but that may be awfully gross to begin with). anyhow, logan's was very tasty, and so were my two malibu & pinapples beforehand. :D