shed the blood artistic.

We went to see House of Flying Daggers last night. I really liked it. Here's what I like about such movies: In American "war" movies, the blood is everywhere, and the point seems to be all about the bare sex, the different ways people can be stabbed, etc. In this movie, as in most Asian movies I've come across, there's still blood but it's so artistic -- it's a dance. Ahh, so refreshing.

Other movies I've seen in the last few days:

50 First Dates: Actually, it's now my favorite Adam Sandler movie. Now, to those that know me, you know that I don't like him, so that's not saying much. But yes, it was cute.

The Secret Life of Girls: Seeing Eugene Levy in hippie gear was worth watching thie movie. But yes, I am not-so-secretly addicted to teen movies of all shapes and styles, and this is no different. Cute, and I didn't subject Christen to it.

Core: I don't want to talk about it.

Leaving Las Vegas: The only other "Vegas" movie I've seen is Honeymoon in Vegas, and the only thing I remember from that is all the Elvises (Elvii?) falling from the sky. This movie? Way different. But I liked it. I wasn't so happy with the end, though. Maybe it was the lack of Elvii.

Drumline: When I planned on watching this the first time, I accidentally recorded from the HBO Latin channel, so I didn't get to see it. Go ahead, laugh. But my two years in high school spanish did not prepare me for watching Drumline en espanol. So delete and rerecord. Good stuff. It was okay; it reminded me of high school because we performed in the GeorgiaDome twice for BOA (Bands of America) regionals.

What A Girl Wants: Yes, another teen flick, but cute. My 12-year-old sister loves Amanda Bynes, and she's not nearly as annoying as Hillary Duff and not nearly as slutty as Linsay Lohen, so she's okay in my book.

If You Only Knew: can you tell I'm having fun with the new DVR box? The movie wasn't total crap, but it was definitely a "TV" movie, though not entirely a made-for-tv movie. It was okay.

Books I've read in the last few days?
Nein. Nada. Books? What are those? Can I use the DVR with them?

Anywho. I can't figure out if I broke my big toe the other day or if I just bruised the bone really bad, because I can't put any pressure on it (which really screws my plans for wearing my new heels). It's been in pain since Wednesday, but I'm off tomorrow so I'll try to stay off it. I'm goin' to the casino tonight with a few friends. I'm taking $100 with me. I'll let you know how much I come back with. For din-din I had these new rosemary and olive oil triscuits with velveeta cheese and a clementine (and Christen made me Kool Aid). I love deciding for myself what to eat. :D Hurrah!


L said...

The House of Flying Daggers was very, very fun! I liked it better than Hero, I think.

Hope you did better at the casino than I did at poker :)

Mr Anigans said...

wow, some serious movie watching.

i agree with L. House of Flying Daggers was cooler than Hero.

i just saw Hotel Rwanda, then i watched Troy and also a chinese flick called The Big Heat which totally discounts your dancing asian blood theory.

VegasGustan said...

I liked most of the movies you saw as well. Have not made it to House of Flying Daggers yet, but now I just might have too. During the Chicago trip, I watched a number of flicks on my portable DVD player. The best of which had to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Shaun of the Dead. Good stuff!