so i've been less than prolific this past week. but i did get that cleaning done the other night -- it took 4 hours. not too bad, since the place sparkled afterward, and i finished before christen got home so he was dazzled by how clean the apartment was (actually, his exact words were, "honey, i would have helped you with the tree." :P dork.) my sister spent the night last night so she could come with me to shea's birthday dinner since i didn't want to go by myself. we got her a bottle of biltmore estate riesling and a gift certificate to dsw (shoe mecca). kyle and her mother bought these toasting flutes for her (they're amazing in real life) for the wedding. this morning jamie and i went to the bridal store to see shea's dress (also gorgeous), and went shopping at international plaza for awhile.

i've nothing more to say. oi.

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