high score last night: 159.

other scores: 111, 138, 159, 139, 111, 138.

i didn't do too badly. i think this week we are going to get our balls. i want to know the difference in polyester and urathane, and what works the best before i buy, but the dudes at sports authority really don't know anything. anyone out there know?

books i've read in the last two days:

hoot by carl hiaasen: i didn't realize this was a children's book until after i started it (reading the whole dust jacket instead of just the first paragraph does wonders) but it was still a well-written and cute book. very moralistic for children. good stuff.

take the cannoli by sarah vowell: this was a great book, and she is such a great writer. if i could handle her voice i'd be obsessed with her, i think. the only problem i had with the book was the way it changed courses so drastically. i know vowell separated the parts, but the middle (postcards) where she talked about different places seemed far out of place and not nearly as amusing as the first and last sections.

84, charing cross road by helene hanff: such a charming book, it made me yearn for a penpal and a bookstore that i felt as close to as she did. of course, i have several that i frequent, but none like that. when i was in high school i collected penpals: illinois, south carolina, north carolina -- i had them everywhere. but as people have grown up they've grown out of writing real letters, and i miss that so much. L recommended this to me, and i thought it was delightful. L, if i knew your address instead of your email, i'd be writing you letters instead of emails even though you live on the other side of town.


VegasGustan said...

I don't know anything about bowling balls, but considering I am just sitting here sick I looked up some websites and this one looks pretty good.


MooCow said...

In general urathane balls tend to have a bit more "bite" than polyester, making it easier to get a more consistent hook in.

The downside is that some soak up oil (though not as much as reactive resin balls) meaning that you might need to put your ball in the oven or dishwasher (no seriously) to get the oil off periodically. Polyester doesn't have that problem.

Polyester on the other hand is a little harder to control and might give you a little bit less pin action - but chances are you really won't notice...

Just my two cents...

L said...

I am so glad you liked it :)

It is truly one of those little gems that you treasure for years (despite the short length). I always feel so nostalgic when I read it, and I thought it was very moving.

Did you know that there is also a sequel called the Duchess of Bloomsbury Street? It follows the author as she later visits the England that is no longer the England of her letters. It's not as tasty, I'm afraid, but good for a follow-up...

Another recommendation for you, if you haven't already read it: Labyrinths by Luis Borges (an esoteric little collection of short stories). It is very odd, and you should read it slowly to savor the surreal flavor... it isn't humorous or witty or romantic. It's crunchy and good for you ;)