going to the mattresses.

High score: 146

Low score: 110

I won both those games (on the low games evidently everyone else was having crappy games too) but lost all the ones in between. What happened that will make you laugh, though, is that I fell. Like fell, fell. Like, knees first and sliding into the gutter.

So okay, now that you've had your laugh, here's what happened: I went to the bathroom to change my shirt (I can't bowl in long sleeves and it’s been freaking cold lately). On the way back, I must have stepped in some water, because I went to bowl and instead of sliding my feet planted and I went knees first into the lane, turned on my back and slid into the gutter. I heard all the boys from Idlewild Baptist that were bowling next to us go, "Oh, shit!" and one of them helped me up as I was crying hysterically. Christen was MIA, but he took care of me afterward. He was watching the tv.

Monday I went home early because I couldn't stand on my legs (and I can't stand on my hands, at least not for more than a moment). So it was a day of doing nothing, watching movies on my five million movie channels and setting Drumline to tape on the DVR. We watched American Wedding, and besides wanting to kill Stiffler the whole time, it was cute. Christen had/has a thing for Alyson Hannigan (but more of the Buffy version than the Pie version).

Books I've read in the past two days:

Stranger than Fiction by Chuck Palhniuk: The opening essay is about a stage orgy, and kinda took me aback (despite enjoying my reading) and I was curious/ wondering if the rest of the book would be the same subject matter. It wasn't. But it was still quite good, especially his portrait of Juliette Louis.
Sidebar: When I type Juliette, spell check tells me that an alternate spelling is oubliette. Take that, Labrynth!

Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck: Very interesting and endearing "Life was rough but I made it through because of my family" memoir. The girl went through horrific things, but in the end, everything turned out alright. How sweet. But of course if it didn't turn out alright, there wouldn't have been a memoir, and then where would we be? Anywho, it was good in spite of itself, and I'll read the sequel (Still Waters, in case you want to read the sequel too).

Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale, Jr.: I didn't expect to like this, because I really liked the movie and was afraid that it would make me not like the movie. But if you don't really think of the movie as a real story and more like how The Terminal was "loosely based" on that guy in the French airport, you'll enjoy this book. I did. There was much more information on how he really lived and what drove him to do the things he did, but I still felt it sugar-coated his life on the run. But maybe that's just me – maybe his life on the run really was sugar-coated, who knows?

Next book to read: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by Dave Eggers (the dude who started McSweeney's). I'll let you know how it is!

Movies seen in the past two days:

American Wedding: Cute, but still not better than the first. Anything is a step up from the second one, though, and if you can ignore Seann William Scott it is significantly better.

The Godfather: I know, I know … I'm really behind on seeing this. You know how when everyone tells you what you're missing by not seeing something that is supposed to be wonderful and you just don't feel like seeing it? Yeah, so I wasn't going to watch it ever. But lately it seems like a lot of the things I read or watch (like Vowell's Take the Cannoli) has references, so I decided to check out what I was missing. Pretty good, but I don't know if it's worth staying up till 3am to finish.


Sharon said...

:) The Godfather is one of those movies that I think everyone should watch at least once, if only because it's quoted so much in popular culture and it's now a classic.
Its appeal to me, partially, is that a boyfriend I had in college was crazy about it and he insisted I watch it, so I did. Which I was grateful for later, as I doubt it's a movie I would have ever watched on my own.
The fact that the boyfriend looked like Al Pacino in the first movie didn't hurt any, either ....
I hope you are feeling better...

Pencopal said...

I haven't read anything by Chuck P. since "Choke." He freaks me out now. Maybe I'll check out the one you just read.

the frog princess said...

Pencopal -- most of his books freak me out but i love how he writes, and the fact that he thinks of such "off" things to write about amuses me. have you ever read invisible monsters? i would recommend it except i would also recommend to stop reading directly after someone confesses to the shooting (that's not giving anything away, right?) because the last chapter or two are horseshit. who needs reasons?

L said...

ah.. the Godfather-- one of my all-time faves

sorry to hear about you Bowling Accident; I've had several myself, and they are no picnic.

Oubliette is a very cool word. If I ever have a daughter, I may have to name her Oubliette since it really doesn't sound like a deep pit at all...

ever read anything by P.G Wodehouse?

the frog princess said...

L, I have not read any Wodehouse. I did read the first 12 pages of The Code of the Woosters on Amazon (that is a nifty trick, I must say) and it doesn't really look like something I would be interested in (though it does look somewhat amusing). The type of speak in such books makes me laugh and I can never tell if it supposed to be a comedy or if I'm taking things too lightly.

the frog princess said...

okay, so evidentally he is a comic writer, but also evidently, at least by the excerpts on amazon, carry on, jeeves is a lot better than woosters

the frog princess said...

okay, so evidentally he is a comic writer, but also evidently, at least by the excerpts on amazon, carry on, jeeves is a lot better than woosters

Ivan said...

Congradulations on the fall. You should have said that you were doing some wicked stunts and you failed.

So would Christen like Erin then? hehe

This was your first time watching American Wedding? That was a great movie.