Not the casino.

We won't talk about that outing. Let's just say at least Autumn (birthday girl) did okay.

So I've been looking for a South American painting and I couldn't remember the name of the painting or the artist (googling South American painting castle butt evidently doesn't find it), so I had Christen drop me off the South Tampa Borders yesterday so I could peruse the art books, and I found it:

"The Dream of Malinche" by Ruiz, 1939.

Cool, huh?

Sunday night bowling was cancelled on account of my gimp toe this week. Instead we played Texes Hold 'Em, Guts, Baseball and various other card games. I lost again, but at least we were playing with change this time. We also played Battle of the Sexes -- the card game (chicks rule, boys drool!) and a Movie trivia game which also rocked. I love me some board games.

Christen is watching The Golden Child, which is evidentally the worst Eddie Murphy movie ever. At least, it looks that way to me. I've found out that Audrey Tatou is going to be the female lead in The DaVinci Code opposite Tom Hanks. I think I'm going to have to go see it now, and that bothers me. She's such a good actress, and he's such a great actor. What's wrong with them? Why are they chosing popularity over redeeming qualities?


L said...

I was wondering what that painting looked like...

VegasGustan said...

Cool painting.

The worst Eddie Murphy movie is "Pluto Nash". The "Golden Child" is actually quite funny in a sad sort of way.

Have you read "DaVinci Code"? I have not and I am a Christian, but I am keeping a open mind. I guess I am trying to do that "Don't Judge" thing. I really don't know what to think or do. Help a brother out, if you can.

VegasGustan said...

Hello, I know this is bad blogger manners...but if you want a challenge (and I know you do) go check out my latest post. Again, sorry for the bad manners.

glomgold said...

This painting's color scheme looks kinda like El Greco (who I like a lot) ...and that's about all I know about paintings.