no witty titles.

I have rug burn.

On my knees.

No, i didn't get it the way you think i got it, but perhaps the way i did get it is just as amusing for you.

Okay, so you've sucked me into it (what is it with these damn sexual references?).

When i come home from work, one of the most important things for me to do is strip. i take my uniform off. get that wretched thing away from me. then i check my email. i may have checked it 20 minutes ago at work, but i'm checking it again. then i'm checking my blogroll, to see what you people have to say (again, i may have checked 20 minutes ago but it doesn't matter). after all this i will get dressed in normal, non-work-related clothing (okay, so maybe it's just a tank top and pajama bottoms) and think about dinner.
so yesterday i had followed this sequence and was sitting on the living room floor responding to a journal in my underwear and a key turns in the lock. it was 5:43, and christen wasn't supposed to get off work until 6. i freaked. i abandoned the laptop, crawling for the bedroom as fast as my knees would take me. i hid in the doorway (still unclothed, it didn't occur to me to cover myself in case it really was someone other than christen) and watched the person on the other side of the door emerge. it was christen.
he got off early, got a haircut, and came home to me.
So now my knees have rug burn.
I should start getting dressed before taking my place on the floor with my laptop.

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VegasGustan said...

Yes I would say that probably would be a smart thing to do. You know though I love walking around the house in just boxers, so I feel you. See, now I am starting sexual references. Great.