for shizzle.

A Very Long Engagement was excellent. If you do not mind subtitles (and I do not) I would heartily recommend it. My morosely upbeat (or blithely depressed) friend Adrian and I had wonderful Thai food in Carrollwood and meandered down to Hyde Park for the movie. Why is it that I always see someone I know at the little coffee shop down there whenever we go?

An interesting observation, in terms of a when a guy lays it out for a girl who doesn't feel the same: "It was a poker game. I had laid out my hand but she still wanted to play the game."

He didn't say that; he would say the same thing in 600 more words, so I made my own observation based on my knowledge of his woman trouble. The thought is mine, though.
I think I want to write a mini-memoir and call it The Frogs I Kissed. How's the title? Lucas always said, "The first thing you need is a name. Then you'll know what kind of band you've got."

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Jessica said...

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is to die for!