feeling ambitious.

so a short post right now.

i'm feeling ambitious, so i'm going to try to take down the tree and reorient my living room (hallelujah), clean the kitchen, reorganize my cds and books, clean the bathroom, hang the clean laundry and organize my closet. in three hours.

wish me luck.


L said...

I have to do the same thing, unfortunately :(

What happened to all that cool technology they promised us in the 50s? Bubble cars, hovercraft, HOUSE-CLEANING ROBOTS? I am still waiting for my house-cleaning robot!

VegasGustan said...

Good luck!

I am going to Chicago, so I will not be around to enjoy your blog until next Friday.

Oh and L, here is a funny short from Kevin Smith about the stuff they promised.


the frog princess said...

that short is on the clerks dvd, but i swear i've seen it before on IFC (independant film channel) before too. Gustan, have fun in Chicago! I bet it's friggin' cold there; we're still waiting on our cold front (it was 68 degrees when i woke up at 6:30 this morning).

Sharon said...

good luck!!!! :)