hair news!

so this is my hair before:

and this is my hair now!

I didn't really mean to take the first pic in black and white, but the color was drab anyhow -- so now it looks like it went from blah to wow! seriously, though, i love my hair. it's much shorter than i expected it to be, but very mature and professional and sexy!


L said...

WOW to both hairstyles, actually. Love the red...

I wish I could have a good haircut -- but it's rather rare for me, as my is naturally curly :(

Sharon said...

I agree, both styles look beautiful; and I love the color. You look great!

So how does it feel having much shorter hair? My hair used to be long (not that long, but still) and after I got it cut, I kept reaching up to feel it, with this sense of weightlessness; the way I used to be hypersensitive after I lost a tooth when I was a kid, that sense of something missing.

Anyway, you look beautiful. It's a very attractive cut.

Ivan said...

OMG....they cut half your head off!!!!

Maybe So said...

ooooooo so pretty! i had hair down to my knees, and i cut it off when I was 19. i thought i would freak out, but i fell in love with short hair immediately!