'twas a brilliant night ...

... of beer and pizza and a riviting game of triopoly.
i'm taking it back to go! the game store tomorrow because there were so many typos and cards for places that didn't exist on the board that it was ridiculous. pennsylvania ave. on the board was pennsylvania blvd. on the travel cards, there were three philadelphia cards that weren't on the board at all and travel cards telling you to go there, broad street was spelled brioad st. on the board (but correctly on its corresponding card) ... it was amazing. the funny thing is, when i bought it the lady there said all the boards had been recalled for errors and the new ones had been remade. i do hope this was one of the old ones by accident, because if this is the newly edited ones, i think i may be of help to them.
anyhow, shea and kyle and shea's brother came over to play, and they brought mama's pizza. first top 5 list of 2005: favorite things from favorite restaurants (not chain) in tampa:
1) mama's breadsticks from mama's pizza (dale mabry blvd.)
2) the calamari from fleming's steakhouse (international plaza)
3) queso dip at vallarta's mexican restaurant (busch & 56th)
4) pan sobau from the coqui bakery (puerto rican bakery on waters & manhattan)
5) sweet & sour chicken from lin garden (busch & 56th)
and there are plenty of other things i like eating from other places, but i think these are my top. i think. i'll comment with more when i think of them.


the frog princess said...

btw, i won the game of triopoly. woohoo! it was getting all those shipping yards, i'm telling you. they are the equivilent of the railroads in monopoly, but if you have all 4 it's $300 everytime someone lands on one.

L said...

hence the name "triopoly" I suppose ;)

VegasGustan said...

Oh man, I miss Vallarta's Queso Dip! We had one in Augusta GA and I would go there all the time. Good times!

the frog princess said...

see, and they're so down and dirty mexican (nobody there speaks the least bit of english so you have to guesture for what you want) that i didn't really think they were a chain, even though there are two in tampa. but now there's a third and one in zephyrhills. no matter the chain status, though, as long as they stay as good as they are. cheese enchiladas, every time, baby.